Website Design Process

Design consultancy

Communication plays a key role to get more precise results. If you want to get a perfect design then it is better to discuss your ideas with the consultant. We offer an opportunity to our customers to discuss their requirements with the designers that is very helpful in making the design according to the customer’s need. You can get detailed information regarding the package, process, service, and final product of the Web Nike.

Ridicule Designs

We take care of the customer demand that is why we remain in touch with the client even after the initiation of the work on the given project. You are free to select the color, CSS styling, margins, and so on without any difficulty. You can use our Web Nike navigation that is very useful to guide you. Moreover, we send initially rough outline to our clients to get the customer viewpoint.

HTML format

After the approval of the rough draft, now the designers start work on graphical elements that are useful to develop a well-designed site. In this phase, we use the home page as a shield and generate other pages that include flash animations, interactive contact forms, etc. You will be get informed about the current status of your project by the team of Web Nike.

Promotion research

To make your website exclusive, it is very important to get updated about the business. To generate a valuable website, it is very important to know that what is the purpose of the website means you just want to create an informative site or there is an idea to convince the people for your brand. What type of audience is out there and what is the most appropriate content for the site.

 Opinion designs

We are open to any criticism and we always welcome our clients to give their viewpoint about our designs so that we will be able to improve our work. The team at Web Nike sends the blueprint to the customers so that they can evaluate it keenly and provide a feedback. Our designers are ready to modify the content according to your need.

Set up

After the customer’s feedback, our designers edit the content accordingly. We invite the client to concentrate on the final design. When clientele approved the work, the whole domain gets registered and after the web hosting the website is ready to use.